SaMCast - Episode 85

Episode 85 of Safe as Milk is out now, give it a listen.

Here is this

This site has been in the back of my mind for two years now, stopping and starting for a myriad of reasons. None of them good or worthwhile reasons mind you. It feels great to have finally taken time out to work on it though. It didn't take much, a lot of the stops and starts were a consideration for how I'd build all this from scratch. Scratch wasn't the point though.

The point, the reason for this to be, is a way to collect creative output. Podcast, design work, data visualization, drawings and hopefully more. All in one place. All feeding the motivation to do more. Words are words though, there is a lot to do with the rest of this year and the next. If you're here now, hopefully you will stick around to see if this endeavor can become something.